Take Action

There are many ways you can join the cause.

Email your HR

Your HR manager is one of the main decision makers for choosing which 401(k) options are available. Get the ball rolling  by emailing them now.

Join the AtmoSphere

Join our network of game-changers employed at big companies, working from within to get a fossil-free option.


Share on Social

Spread the word so that others  realize that they're invested in fossil fuel companies, and they can do something about it.


Rally your coworkers

Companies listen to their employees. If enough speak up wanting a change, it will happen. We'll be creating an activist kit to help you in your efforts.

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We send updates occasionally with the latest actions of the AtmoSphere and updates on the cause.


Learn more

Explore how much you've invested in fossil fuel companies at fossilfreefunds.org, where you can look up any ETF or mutual fund and see how it's invested.