Save the future while saving for yours.

The first climate-friendly fund made for 401(k)s.


Save the future while saving for yours.

The first climate-friendly fund made for 401(k)s.

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That means


is invested in fossil fuels just through 401(k)s.

Believe it or not,


of Americans with 401(k)s are invested in fossil fuels.

How is this possible?


Source: According to ICI, $7.3 trillion were invested in 401(k)s per  as of 9/30/21. According to Bloomberg, the energy sector (which is made up entirely of fossil fuel companies) accounted for 4.38% of the S&P 500.

Source: CNBC.


of Americans are worried about climate change.


didn’t know they’re investing in fossil fuels through their 401(k).


are not happy their 401(k) is invested in fossil fuels when they find out.

401(k) investments in fossil fuels

Amounts invested in fossil fuels via company 401(k)s







Source: DOL

Together we are changing this.

For the first time, there’s a climate-friendly 401(k) option that employees at any company can invest in. It’s called SPFFX.

There are a lot of climate-friendly investment funds out there. There are even climate-friendly 401(k) plan platforms. But it can be really hard to get a climate-friendly investment option on the 401(k) platform that your company already uses. And switching 401(k) platforms can be a headache.

We created SPFFX to make it easy to add a climate-friendly option to every 401(k) and 403(b) plan. It offers a simple and transparent approach to sustainability, and it checks all the boxes that employers and plan providers look for when qualifying an investment fund for a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement savings plan.

We don't invest in fossil fuels

The first step in addressing climate change is to send a message to fossil fuel companies loud and clear: no more business as usual. It’s time for the status quo to change.

We do vote your shares for the planet.

Did you know that mutual funds vote on company shareholder proposals on your behalf? Most funds automatically vote however the board recommends. SPFFX votes for the planet.

As a company focused on helping stop climate change, Voltus needed this solution. I was excited when so many on my team signed up and even happier when they told me how easy the process was.”

Matthew Plante

President at Voltus

“A climate-friendly 401(k) option shows me my company actually cares about my views and the planet.”

Lauren Fraser

Cofounder of RightHandGreen
Formerly at Facebook and Rewiring America

“Companies around the world are making bold climate commitments. Adding Sphere is a no-brainer part of any climate plan.”

Maren Costa

Principal Design Lead at Microsoft
Cofounder of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

A fund that checks all the boxes

Improved returns

Data shows that excluding fossil fuel companies—most of which are found in the S&P 500 Energy sector—can offer greater returns. With Sphere, you get a fund that aligns your values with your pocketbook.

S&P 500 without fossil fuels*

S&P 500

10 year returns



* Energy  sector removed from the S&P 500. Source: S&P 500 Ex-Energy Index. Past performance is no guarantee future results.


Environmentally-friendly funds often are priced at a premium. SPFFX is priced 10-30x lower than most climate-friendly funds, and is more in line with standard index funds. This pricing is intended to make it appropriate for 401(k) plans.

Expense ratio comparison

Sphere 500 Climate Fund (SPFFX)


A typical climate-friendly fund. Source

Simple to start

SPFFX is designed to be added to existing 401(k) plans, so you don't have to switch providers to offer a climate-friendly choice.

Platforms include:
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Invest with

Invest with

The top 500 minus fossil fuels

SPFFX is the top 500 US companies by market capitalization, minus 86 companies. The independent non-profit As You Sow creates the list of fossil fuel, utility, and other companies that is excluded from the Sphere 500 Fossil-Free Index.

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