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Sample letter to email HR

Your Human Resources manager is one of the main decision makers for choosing which 401(k) options are available. Get the ball rolling by emailing them now.

Sample letter to your 401(k) provider

In a position of influence at a company that does not currently offer any climate-friendly investment options to employees? Use our template to request one today.

81% of people don't know they're invested in fossil fuels. Help them know.

If you’re active on social media, you can help spread the word on how to take real action on climate change while protecting your retirement savings. Check out our posts on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest on climate-friendly investing in 401(k)s and 403(b)s.

Frequently asked questions

Why has it been hard for 401(k)s to offer fossil free funds until now?
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How to respond when your 401(k) provider tells you they can’t add a climate-friendly option?
How does removing fossil fuel companies from my portfolio impact the returns I should expect?
How does Sphere define fossil fuel companies?
How to respond when your 401(k) provider says they can’t because their fiduciary duty?
Does Sphere plan to offer additional fossil-free options beyond SPFFX?
Does Sphere invest in primarily cleantech or climate tech companies?