Invest in SPFFX through your company's 401(k)

Amazing. Your company has added SPFFX to their 401(k) lineup. Here are the last steps to move your money out of fossil fuel companies and into a climate-friendly fund.

Log into your company's 401(k) platform

Log into your company’s 401(k) platform. If you don’t know your 401(k) platform, ask your HR. Often companies have a single-sign-on service so that you don’t have to remember your password. If that doesn’t work, you can always click “forgot my password.” Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

Transfer your existing 401(k) funds to SPFFX

Look for a list showing where your money is currently invested. This is everything that has been withheld from your paychecks in the past on a pre-tax basis. If you went with the default option when you started your job, you're likely investing in something known as a target-date fund, with the year you plan to retire in the name of the fund. These funds automatically move your money out of stocks and into bonds as you get closer to retirement. They also typically invest in fossil fuel companies. You should have an option to move any portion of your funds into the Sphere 500 fund - look for the ticker SPFFX. It may be categorized as a "Large Cap" fund or in an "Other" section.

Have your ongoing contributions go to SPFFX

Now look for a place that talks about your ongoing contributions. This is what will be withheld from each paycheck on a pre-tax basis moving forward. Oftentimes you can go with a number of default plans that allocate certain percentages of your contributions to different funds. You can choose to allocate anything from 0% to 100% of your future contributions to the Sphere 500 fund. Look for the ticker SPFFX. It may be categorized as a "Large Cap" fund or in an "Other" section.

Invest with

Invest with