Sometimes tree-huggers wear suits. Meet the team.

Alex Wright-Gladstein

Founder and CEO

Alex is an entrepreneur with a passion for addressing climate change. Prior to founding Sphere, she co-founded and was founding CEO of Ayar Labs, which makes data centers and supercomputers faster and more energy efficient by using light to move data between chips. She has also been the energy entrepreneurship practice leader at MIT, and an energy efficiency program manager and energy markets specialist at smart grid company EnerNOC. She received an MBA from MIT and a BA in Political Science and Economics from Tufts University.

Jason Britton

Chief Product Officer

Jason Britton has decades of experience managing values-aligned investment strategies, including as Managing Director and Head Portfolio Manager for sustainable and social investing strategies at Bank of America. He is a professor of impact investing and an author, thought-leader, and lecturer in sustainable investing. He holds an MBA from Yale School of Management and a BS in Business from Georgetown.

Doug Burnett

Chief Creative Officer

Doug Burnett is a creator for good causes. He was named a Top 25 Art Director Globally by the One Show and has won over 80 advertising major awards including gold at Cannes, One Show, ANDY, ADC, Clios; an inaural Impact D&AD pencil; and has twice won the Webby Best Cause Campaign of the Year. His work has been seen over 3 billion times, almost entirely without paying for a single ad—and has been featured in almost every major news outlet. As an artist, Doug’s work has shown in Vienna’s Museum’s Quartier, a Tate-currated gallery, and the London Design Museum.

Marilyn Waite

Strategic Advisor

Marilyn Waite leads the Climate Finance Fund, a project of the Hewlett Foundation, focusing on mobilizing capital for climate solutions. Her writing has appeared in numerous media outlets, including the Financial Times, Forbes, and GreenBiz. Marilyn is currently Vice President and Board Director of the Kachuwa Impact Fund and an Advisor to the W Fund. Previously, she led cleantech investments at Village Capital, managed renewable energy projects at Orano, launched the online platform SustyTrip, and served as a Senior Research Fellow at Project Drawdown.

Shlomo Benartzi

Board Member

Behavioral economist and UCLA Professor Emeritus Shlomo Benartzi is best known for helping 25 million American workers significantly boost their savings rates. He developed the Save More Tomorrow program with Nobel Laureate Richard Thaler, which helps employees improve their savings rates over time, and is now implemented by the majority of large retirement plans in the United States, with key elements included in the Pension Protection Act of 2006. He currently serves as Senior Academic Advisor for the Voya Behavioral Finance Institute for Innovation, and has served on advisory boards for Acorns, WisdomTree, Morningstar and Personal Capital.

Heidi Lindvall

Board Member

Heidi Lindvall is a General Partner of Pale Blue Dot, a $100M USD fund investing in ClimateTech companies in the US and Europe. Prior to starting Pale Blue Dot, Heidi was an entrepreneur and a filmmaker. She founded several companies, including award-winning digital media company Codoc, interactive video platform Storygami, and Maven Video. She has also been part of building two startup accelerators and a micro-fund. She has an MA in Human Rights from City University in London.

Candice Rutherford

Financial Director

Candice Rutherford has worked in business management and accounting for over 18 years, managing the finance and accounting workflow for a number of successful businesses throughout her career. Her specialty is developing tailored accounting solutions & effective managerial reporting. With extensive experience working across the different industries in all phases of business, she has a unique perspective that encourages creativity, balance and inclusivity, combined with a passion for fighting climate change.

Perth Tolle

Stategic Advisor

Perth Tolle is the founder of Life + Liberty Indexes and creator of the Freedom 100 EM Index (FRDM index), the world’s first freedom-weighted emerging markets equity index strategy using third-party quantitative personal and economic freedom metrics as primary factors in its investment process. She is a frequent speaker at investment events and provides commentary for financial media including Barron’s, Bloomberg, CNBC, Cheddar, and MarketWatch. She was named one of the Ten to Watch in 2020 by Wealth Management Magazine for her work on freedom investing.

Rebecca Hourihan

Strategic Advisor

As founder of 401(k) Marketing, Rebecca Hourihan is a specialist in the qualified plan marketplace. With over 15 years of retirement plan experience, Rebecca has quickly become known as a recognized authority on marketing within the qualified plan industry. She is a guest columnist for NAPA.net Magazine and for 401(k) Specialist Magazine and has been featured on Retireholics, 401(k) Specialist, InvestmentNews, and the Journal of Financial Planning.

Mitchell Haber

Strategic Advisor

Mitchell Haber has over 30 years of experience in the retirement and benefits industry, most recently at Voya, OneAmerica, and MassMutual. Mitch is a connector in the 401(k) industry and an expert on product and platform innovation. He has an MBA from UCLA.

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